Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel

Innovative Fire Rated Material : where Design Meets Safety
Honeycomb structure for Absolute Strength, Durability and Stability

Honeycomb Structure for Absolute Strength and Stability

ALUMEBOND® Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel is a sandwich panel inspired by natural hexagonal honeycomb.

The unique honeycomb structure contributes to the panel’s super flatness, thermal efficiency, light weight and high strength,fire resistance and design flexibility.

Alumebond Highlight | Fire Rated Alumebond Highlight | High Strength Alumebond Highlight | High Durability Alumebond Highlight | Light Weight Alumebond Highlight | UV Resistant Alumebond Highlight | Easy Maintenance Alumebond Highlight | Sound Insulator Alumebond Highlight | Fully Recyclable

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Newly Launched 2024: ALUMEBOND® Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel

With decades of manufacturing specialization in ALUMEBOND® Aluminium Composite Panels, consumers can be at ease that we are only producing the finest quality of Aluminium Panels. Our commitment to innovating new products and expanding consumer choices has positioned us as a
provider of Aluminium Panels on a global scale.

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Lasting Benefits

All About Our Honeycomb Structure

Alumebond Benefit | Lightweight

The empty spaces between each honeycomb shape contributes to their extremely low weight, without compromising on strength. Lightweight property makes installation easy.

Alumebond Benefit | Fire Rated
Fire Rated

Made from 100% Aluminum Metal, highly known for its fire-resistance properties. Prevents fire from spreading for safer evacuation for you and your family.

Alumebond Benefit | High Stability and Rigidity
High Stability and Rigidity

Just like the sturdiness of a beehive! The honeycomb has a distinct structure that connects and supports each of the skins above and below it, allowing it to withstand extreme stress.

Alumebond Benefit | Affordable Pricings 
& High Durability
Affordable Pricings & High Durability

Compared to traditional building materials, ALUMEBOND® honeycomb panels are more affordable and longer lasting. An investment worth installing.

Alumebond Benefit | Easy Maintenance & 
Optional PVDF Coating
Easy Maintenance & Optional PVDF Coating

Optional PVDF coating to enhance UV resistant, waterproof and corrosion resistant for longer durability. Requires only a once-a-year cleaning with water or a mild solution.

Alumebond Benefit | Heat & Sound Insulators
Heat & Sound Insulators

Perfect for Malaysia’s Humid Weather. The hexagonal cellular structure makes it difficult for heat or sound to effectively transmit and convert throughout the panel.

Stylish and Modern

ALUMEBOND® adds beauty to the looks of the panel by simulating metal, marble, wood, stone, and a variety of other aesthetic surfaces.

To view our full colour chart, please contact us directly.

Panel Specifications

Thickness: 5mm - 50mm
Width: 8mm - 1220mm
Length: 2440mm - 6100mm

So many applications.
But this is our favourite.

Honeycomb Panels
Polycarbonate Sheet
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The Perfect-Dual Combo for Awning

Honeycomb Panels &
Polycarbonate Sheets

ALUMEBOND® Honeycomb panels are opaque and non see-through. To get skylight peeking through, you may combine with our 5mm starPoly Polycarbonate Sheets with a choice of transparent or translucent sheet.

This combination will refresh and enhance your space - creating a subtle lighting distinction.

Perfect for those who prefer more skylight and patio lifestyle.

Wide Variety of Applications

Transform, Refresh and Elevate Spaces

Easy Installation Guidelines

Fitting of ALUMEBOND® Roofing should be the last operation in
completing the project.

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Immediately Adds Style and Class to Your Space

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